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    Subaru Thermostat Housing - EJ22 or EJ25

Updated 2008 November 9 

The cooling configurations shown on Tom's cooling system link refers to an additional thermostat housing. This housing is mainly intended for people who either live and drive their Vanagons in cold weather or have a water heater connected to the heater circuit. Under these conditions, without the separate thermostat housing, the engine temperature will rise significantly when the heaters are on full blast in cold weather or when the water being heated is still cold. As confirmed by Peter and Dieter (fellow vanagon.com list members) this separate housing for the thermostat keeps the engine temperature rock solid regardless of out side temperature and use of your heater/heater circuit.

I have had a number of people asking for these housings. So I have arranged with a local machine shop to make up a small quantity (unfortunately this is not the cheapest way to go - they would be much cheaper if I could afford to order 100 at one time).

So here is the deal - I make up a kit consisting of the following:
bulletThermostat housing - 1 inch thick,
bullet1/4 NPT with 1/2 ID brass barbed fitting for the coolant hose connection,
bullet2 longer bolts - to go through the cap, through the housing and into the water pump base.

It will be all ready to install.

NOTE: Brian Steel of Small Car has indicated that this thermostat housing may cause an interference with the skid plate on a Syncro. I have not personally installed it on a syncro so can not comment. People who have used the housing say that the modification to the skid plate is not difficult.

The new design does not cause any interference with the Small Car mount. They are available for immediate shipping.



This is the complete thermostat housing kit (new style). Refer to NOTE above regarding installation on a Syncro

This picture shows the flange that mates with the pump - all you have to do is use a good liquid sealant when you assemble the housing to the pump. (Instructions will be provided)



This picture shows the thermostat and seal mounted in the housing ready for assembly (thermostat and seal are NOT included).



Loosely assembled (old style)



Not a very good picture - but it shows the thermostat housing (old style) mounted on my test stand engine. Regardless of the heater return temperature the engine temperature is held steady very close to 96Deg C.

The pricing is as follows:

USA Friends:

bulletThermostat kit            $67   USD plus shipping

Canadian Friends:

bulletThermostat kit            $72   CAD plus shipping and tax

Contact     e-mail address

  if you are interested

If you pay via PayPal I will have to add a service fee as I have not built that into the price.




 NOTE: Use these ideas at you own risk - no warranty or guarantee implied or included.  Tom    
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